‘Der Taktstock’ is No.6 on the Music-DVD-Charts of jpc! Still behind Rammstein, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones. That means: jpc is the biggest retailer of classical music in Europe and shows which Music-DVDs they shipped the last month. Yeah!!


Ab heute in vielen Online-Stores wie amazon, und ab 30. November 2012 auch überall im Handel: Der Taktstock auf DVD! In deutscher und englischer Fassung!




This is the english Trailer-Version of THE BATON, Januar 2012:

‘Der Taktstock’ is official nominated for the Award of ‘Documentary programmes dedicated to music and dance’. Next to several film and video programms from Germany (ZDF, ARD, …) and around the world (BBC, arte, …).


Here’s the link:


About the Festival:

The ITF Golden Prague is presenting the world’s best music and dance programmes in all musical genres where the basic premise is high artistic quality. It is  an annual inspiring gathering of filmmakers, producers, experts and the general public, a place of discovery and a competitive confrontation of the best of what has been produced in this field.





of ‘Student Award Certificate’

at the U.S. International Film & Video Festival 2011!

‘Der Taktstock’ is nominated at the international ‘Five Lakes Film Festival 2011′ (Fünf Seen Film Festival),

and will be screened at the Festival at:

Thursday, July 28th

Friday, July  29th

Saturday, July 30th



If the audience says, yousehsuechte_Preisträger_Foto_S-Gabschr film was the best one, your film can’t be so bad.

Seventy movies from all over the word were shown at the Europes biggest Student Filmfestival sehsüchte 2011, Potsdam , Germany.  From the beginning I made a movie for the audience. So this award is just the best I could get. Thanks to all of you!!


“DER TAKTSTOCK” is official recipient of the GOLDEN PALM AWARD at the 2011 Mexico International Film Festival. (Category: Best Documentary).

The Mexico International Film Festival has become a landmark destination event within the film industry and a centerpiece for the thriving arts and culture community in Mexico. Founded on the premise that the language of film is universal and a dynamic force in bridging cultural understanding, the Festival continues to showcase the best of world film to Mexico through its rich film programming, events and activities.

Held annually each Spring, the Mexico International Film Festival is an extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery and innovation in the one of the country’s most beautiful cities, featuring some 50 films and live events with filmmakers and artists in attendance and nearly two dozen awards presented for cinematic excellence. The Festival attracts a dedicated audience of film lovers and enthusiasts of all ages.

The festival is held in the serene and beautiful town of Rosarito, situated on the Baja coast, where the sun shines all year with cooling sea breezes, glorious clear skies, and the crystal azure Pacific as a backdrop. The Mexico International Film Festival features premiere screenings, award ceremonies, seminars, a screenplay competition and, of course, gorgeous beaches, delicious food, incredible nightlife, and all that make Baja, Mexico one of the most unique and exotic vacation destinations in the world.