The Director

Michael Wende, born 1982, graduated 2010 with his final project movie “Der Taktstock” at the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf, Germany.

He studied 2007 in the USA “Scriptwriting”, “Media Production” and “Graphic Design” at the Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu. Since 2008 he works in Munich, Germany for the TV and movie production company “AVE – Gesellschaft für Fernsehproduktion mbH” as an Author and Director. He produces short-documentaries as well as long ones, and loves the way of telling it through Animation.

For the Berliner Philharmoniker he directed, arranged and animated 2011/2012 short-documentaries for a realease in cinemas all over Europe.

Still now he’s working together with Andreea Varga on a Documentary about Freedom (60 Min.) and and another one about the big world of the Opera (52 Min.). Both a special kind of Docu-Animation.





Produced for the Berliner Philharmoniker: